"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

Pieces of April ;)


Magical types reading this are aware what a large role the change of seasons plays in "living the magical life"...and I don't think I've mentioned before, here, how bizarre it is to be constantly "living" in two separate timelines. In the real* world, of course, it's 23 Aquarius, Anno C (11 February 2005 EV), and we have just over another month of winter (the "Season of Change") to go. But I spend many of my waking hours -- and have been for just shy of fifteen years now -- painstakingly recreating a past world; at the moment, 9 April 1973 EV, during the Thelemic High Holy Days of Anno LXIX** ("it was a verrrry good yeeeearrr..."), and well into spring (the "Season of Dominion").

Anyway, long story short, it messes up one's internal "magical" clock something fierce.

Then too, recent deja vu in the news has made this experience even stranger. In my book, President Nixon just ended the draft, and is facing serious investigation by an awakened Congress for alleged criminal activities; in the world, things are (shall we say) rather different.***

So, Happy Second Day of the Writing of -- Oh, hell, wrong again. Condolences, instead, during a particularly long and strange winter, and best wishes for a return of spring to come. Me, I have more digging to do, back up the time stream a ways....

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Hah! ;)
** "69," to the Roman numeral impaired. We is nothing if not generous.
*** Though since the Iranian mullahs have been in bed with the Republican Party for something over a quarter century now, I'd be very surprised if we end up in a shooting war there. Elsewhere could be another matter, of course.

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