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So it's Friday before Valentine's Day, and much as we resist commercial holidays, senryu and I are suckers for any excuse to get mushy on each other. So we think about going out (Look out below, GC!), but decide instead it's Thai Beer at home (a takeout place, not a beer, but fabulous, and try their wowzer Thai iced tea), 'n', you know, snugglies 'n' stuff.

Then the casting director's call comes: senryu has a gig for Monday. TV medical show, 6:30am for a 7am-7pm shoot. So she's up at 4am, and out the door before 6. Happy *&^%$ Valentine's Day! :0

Shoot went well, and quickly, and she's home before six in the evening; unhappy at being misled about the importance of her role, and (mainly) exhausted as all get out. And for all of that happy as a clam: come April that magic moment (again), some face time on tha teevee.* And as for me, now my workday begins: another long night of writing endless Thelemic novels read (alas!) by only a select few.

Nothing in life is quite as you expect it will be...but when you're performing your Will, you wouldn't trade it for a thing. But dammit, tomorrow we're celebrating The Ides of February with Thai Beer!** :D

93 93/93 -- AJ

* As usual, she won't let me give specifics, so she can remain relatively anonymous on LJ. I dissent from this judgment, but her verdict is without appeal. ;)
** So, what did you do for dinner, AJ? I made mac & cheese for us, though doubtless not as good as you'd get at GC. :)

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