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AJ's FAQs: "Learning Magick"

[This is fine for general circulation, if anyone cares, so long as credit is given to "Thelemic writer A.J. Rose."]

Sol in Taurus, Luna in Sagittarius, Dies Mercurii
17 Taurus C / 5 May 2004 EV

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I am asked how one goes about "learning Magick." Tryna suppress both floridity and word count, then....

(0) WHAT I'M ANSWERING HERE. I assume you mean exactly that -- "learning Magick," which for most people means some mixture of (a) learning to live a more "magical" life, (b) learning to turn events in a more satisfactory direction by means not widely understood, and (c) gaining sufficient traditional magical knowledge that "real magicians" will, however grudgingly, be bound to respect you...well, at least a little.  ;)

If you mean "finding the right spiritual Path for me" -- or, yet another issue, "attaining Initiation" -- these are separate questions. (Oh, and Yes, I realize (a) above begs the question. It's intended to.)

(1) START ON YOUR OWN. Magicians are self-starters. If you can't get motivated enough to learn a lot on your own, before asking anyone else for help, you are probably not cut out to be a magician. This doesn't mean you aren't cut out for a spiritual Path, nor that you aren't cut out for "attaining Initiation," particularly in a Thelemic sense; once again, separate issues.

This advice is meant for everybody, but let's add a caveat for those aged under eighteen: unless your parents happen to be magicians, NO REPUTABLE MAGICIAN WILL AGREE TO TEACH YOU at your age (and probably not for some years thereafter, in most one-on-one teaching Orders). Virtually all of us started as teenagers; we just did it on our own. Go thou, and do likewise.  ;)

(2) HOW DO I START ON MY OWN? Differs by individual, though it almost always means doing one heck of a lot of reading. How will you know what to read? Your native wit, and (sometimes painful) experience. Those whose principal reading matter consists of scattered results from Google searches, followed by petulant desire that somebody tell them what to do, are also probably not cut out to be magicians.

(3) I'VE BEEN ON MY OWN PATH FOR SOME YEARS NOW. I should like to confer with colleagues. (a) Does anybody in this field actually know what they're talking about? (b) Is anybody in this field acquainted with basic politeness, and driven, however occasionally, to practice it?

(a) Many, many people in this field know what they're talking about -- in theory. A far smaller number have actually practiced same, but many among these achieve actual working results: Magick is not only easier than people think, it is virtually unavoidable among sentient beings. Magicians aren't doing something nobody else is doing; they simply learn to turn universal energies toward outcomes they desire, rather than fear.

(b) Finally, as a general rule, basic politeness is one of the surest signs of Mastery, as is a sense of humor. There are plenty of polite, humorous people who don't happen to be Masters; there are no Masters devoid of a sense of humor, and very few devoid of habitual politeness. (These numbers change, alas, for Adepts, as distinct from Masters: Masters spend much of their time chuckling across the Abyss at Adepts, which makes some Adepts mighty cross. In fairness, this annoying habit of Masters is a consequence of having been Adepts so long themselves, and is one of the few compensations of Mastery.)

Hope this helps!

By way of full disclosure, I belong to two magical organizations. I'm proud to be a Minerval in Ordo Templi Orientis*, and also belong to a purported Thelemic Inner Order -- not calling itself A.'.A.'. -- which is in any case currently in a five-year period of Silence, so 'Nuff Said on that score.

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours in Love and Freedom, AJ

*For just shy of ten years now...and one day, unless it's the equivalent of a left-handed razzafrazzitz and I have been sadly duped, hope to actually possess a Minerval Certificate which says so. Ohhhhh, if only my OTO initiator were reading these words....


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