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Been busy, as noted last time, and this is our Holy Week of course (Happy Three Days!). Anyway, stuff I've thought but didn't post about (until now), with time only for bullet points:

+ The Schiavo case was about two, and only two, distinct issues*: (1) Absent a compelling showing of malice, do spouses past all legal question get to make medical decisions, including terminal ones? and (2) Is feeding tube removal a barbaric practice? The answer to question (1) is an unequivocal Yes, which is why every court in creation -- irrespective of its politics -- ruled against the parents...and those who prefer to see the husband's motives as sinister should be prepared to explain why he waited for years to act on them (so there goes your compelling showing of malice). As to (2) I happen to share the widespread discomfort with feeding tube removal. Had the Republican Congress been sincere in its own disapproval, it would have used its weekend emergency session to outlaw the practice, or at the very least to allow all such cases to come before federal courts for review. It did neither, its concern being wholly artificial, based solely on the perceived (and, okay, probably actual) gullibility of a public for which it has nothing but abiding contempt.**

+ If that grandstanding bunghole Ward Churchill is evile for his rotten 9/11 comments, then that other grandstanding bunghole, Jon Cornyn of Texas, is evile for excusing the murder of judges and their families. (Conversely, if Cornyn was "explaining rather than justifying," then so was Churchill, though I personally prefer the Dual Bunghole Theory.)

+ Pity the poor Republican faithful, whose religious belief in a "liberal media" becomes more impossible to support every day. We now have one-story-at-a-time cable news, for one reason only: because if you covered the actual news, there wouldn't be five Republican voters left in the country. Weeks of all-Schiavo, weeks of all-Pope -- much like weeks of all-Reagan before them -- come on, folks, if there ever was a "liberal media," it's long gone.*** What we have is a range of press coverage from right of center to very-very-far-right, with the fans of the latter treating even the slightest discussion of reality as "liberal bias."

+ The purpose of students of Magick who Don't Get It is to provide endless amusement for the handful of initiates who Do Get It, and Gods bless them, this they resolutely do. For the record (to pick only one example), those looking for the purpose of gematria might want to glance over the "Interlude" between chapters VII and VIII in Book Four, Part II. Particularly its first footnote. Just playing fair with you; please, carry on.

+ Aren't we all restrained not to have made the Santa Claus joke? We all thought it. Missed several good April Fools jokes, too. Dang, we're polite.

And finally....

+ Until humanity respects the promotion of love and freedom over that of fear and shame, I'll keep "sainting" everybody who even half-assedly tries to promote the former. So there.

Peace to All Beings. :)

Seeya soon as I can. Back to work. :D

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Not its shameless exploitation by insincere Republicans and media; I'm talking the only real issues in the case itself. (I am consciously side-stepping religious and philosophical "issues," at least one of which has gone undiscussed, since such debates notoriously resist rational thought.)
** Maybe slightly unfair; perhaps they were only concerned that you'd find out how many members of Congress have approved the end of life support for their own families...like Tom DeLay's father, for example. DeLay pere was seriously injured some years ago, and nobody waited fifteen years, or even fifteen months (maybe even fifteen days?) to pull him off life support. (In a related story, the wife of "tort reform" champion Senator Rick Santorum herself got a $350,000 judgment against her chiropractor. Come to think, No, not unfair at all, never mind.)
*** The most visible example of the "liberal media" is probably the New York Times, yes? The one that put its full weight into helping the Bad Guys lie us into war in Iraq, using stories known at the time to be false? And now, with everybody else, pretends "intelligence failures" were to blame? Fnord fnord fnordity fnord. :0

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