"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

0. This is The Book of Emergency Magick for the Non-Magician. Warning: it tends to turn otherwise reasonable people into magicians. Other warnings follow: please read them carefully.

1. If you're bound and determined to be miserable, this method will be no help at all. Don't mean to interrupt the sorrow; you can stop reading this now, or not, as you prefer. If you genuinely wish you weren't miserable, but you'd damned well rather be miserable than face the possible implications of something as flaky-New Agey-superstitious-sinful-or-otherwise-dreadful as this method actually working -- as you wish, so be it. You, too, can stop reading this now, or not, as you prefer. This leaves three classes of people reading this: the unreachable but curious (who would have stopped reading, only now they're hooked); the believer (who may or may not be reachable); and the open-minded skeptic (nearly always reachable).

2. If you are a believer, you may translate this instruction into your own belief system, if you like: doubtless whichever beneficent force(s) you believe in has brought this to you in your need, if only for you to test it. If you are a skeptic (thank God!), you have come to the right place: you are here to test a theory, not sign up for a belief system; and it will cost you nothing whatever to try, so what the heck.

3. The proposition you are here to test is this: "Thought determines experience."* To make complete use of it requires a lot more explanation than we have room for here**, but anyone can try the simple test which follows. My standard joke: "There are only two ways to test this proposition: either make thought a whole lot worse, and see whether experience gets worse to match it; or make it a whole lot better, and see whether experience improves...and I recommend the latter." The object is not, by the way, to outline a specific circumstance with our thought (home, job, lover, money, health, etc.); we are simply trying to improve the quality of thought, and let that be expressed in whatever way is best for us at a given time. This is exactly the opposite of what human beings are likely to do in need, of course: we expend extraordinary energy on misery, anger, frustration, most of all fear. If this wonky theory is true, such energy is worse than wasted; moving energy in the opposite direction might at least be worth a try. Here is the promised test.

4. Make a list of the QUALITIES you associate with whatever circumstance you're looking for. Examples: Home: comfort, safety, beauty, expansiveness, etc.; Job: significance, authority, freedom, friendship, satisfaction, etc.; Lover: joy, love, warmth, insight, laughter...you get the idea. As you progress, you'll find a number of the same terms recurring, whatever your need: satisfaction, joy, buoyancy – even ecstasy, magnificence, love, freedom (don't be afraid to aim too high). Then, reviewing your list as often as you need to, work to EXPRESS THESE QUALITIES CONSISTENTLY, as the very substance of your thought and life. What you're really doing is redefining yourself: making a new person who "deserves" everything good in life: who lives these qualities, and so infallibly manifests them in outward experience.

5. At first, this may seem very difficult; indeed, more difficult to do than you thought it would be. You may think, "Hey, I can't just manufacture joy to order." In fact, you can (and if our theory is true, you damned well better). Or you may do it very well at first, then think: "This is silly. I'm a lot more cheerful, but I still don't have what I need; I'm just kidding myself." The only way to be certain is to persist in testing the theory until you reach your own conviction on the subject, pro or con. Finally, do not get the theory backwards: have something bad happen, blame your thought, and get depressed: the point is not to blame, but empower, ourselves. If you fall down, get back up, and walk joyfully onward without a second thought, fortified by whatever lesson you learned by falling.

6. There's a heck of a lot more to Magick than this, and spiritual attainment is another issue entirely...but I hope you will find this helpful, in trying circumstances.

7. After twenty-five years*** of keeping this stuff pretty close to the vest, an overwhelming desire to assuage human need more quickly than my books can hope to, at present, prompted me to write this. Please feel free to pass it along as you like, so long as you keep it intact.****

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours in Love and Freedom, "A.J. Rose"

* My own formulation, from 1982 EV; subsequently the trademark phrase of my grandiosely-named dba, "The Consciousness Institute."
** Not a come-on or scam; the "institute" doesn't charge for instruction (or for anything else, unless someone wants to buy one of my books).
*** More than that, actually; I was first taught a primitive version of this test, minus a rational explanation of how it could work, circa 1977 or 1978. Because the man who taught it to me would not want to be associated with Thelema, I will leave it at that...but "C.W.F." was one of my first and most important initiators, and I thank him here from the bottom of my heart, all the same. :)
**** By "intact," I mean everything here, specifically including the author's credit, footnotes, and copyright notices below. Thanks, folks.

© 2005 The Consciousness Institute. All Rights Reserved.
Adapted from the Institute's paper, "Introductory Instruction: Thought and Experience," itself © 1992, 1994, 2005 The Consciousness Institute. All Rights Reserved.

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