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Okay, this will either appeal to you immediately, or not at all. Ahem.

Peter Levenda, author of the (recently reissued) occult-&-the-Nazis classic Unholy Alliance, is releasing a three-volume hardcover work that reviews the history not only of the American republic, but to some extent of the American continent, from the perspective of parapolitics. With an occult slant.

(That whoosh you heard was several people going straight to Amazon.)

Those who need to know more can find it here, on the series' website: http://sinisterforces.info/

Samples, covers, intro comments from Norman Mailer and others. Levenda, however spacey some of his interest in synchronicities might make him seem, is a serious researcher (of fairly amazing if only hinted-at pedigree, itself bound to worry some of his natural audience), with a superb prose style -- this is not, in short, typical 'Net paranoia, it's a serious study, engagingly written, which nevertheless makes Oliver Stone and The X-Files look tame. (Oh, yes: I got my volume one already, and devoured it in like three days. It'll mean more to you if you already know the players, but if you loved those endless, labyrinthine, paranoid discussions you had in school?, this may be for you. Sure was for me.)

So now you know. Sinister Forces; volume I, The Nine, available now; volume II, A Warm Gun, this coming December, and the final volume, The Manson Secret, next June.

I don't want to give away too much of his premise in advance...but let's say it involves packing a huge number of well-proved but not widely known facts side by side; adding in stuff also well-established, but that you hadn't heard before; and then adding a dollop of rumination on sinister synchronicities.

As Jon Stoorat would say, "Okay, now you're freakin me out." ;)

93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. There are a number of OTO references in it -- none particularly admiring, but all defending the Order against the paranoid speculations of others. So, y'know, the Order better get its copy pretty shortly, anyhow.

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