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Fair warning :0

93, all!

I don't share Aleister Crowley's love of practical jokes, but I do understand it...and I'll note again my belief that a fair bit of antipathy to Crowley* might be ameliorated if others understood it better. In brief, Crowley deeply believed that those willing to be enslaved deserved it, and that if they were so willing, better they be his slaves than somebody else's. So, taking care to warn them**, he was fairly merciless with those who willingly persisted anyway.

When they did figure it out, btw, his attitude toward such folks changed; we have Gerald Yorke's testimony to that.

Anyway, Crowley's interlocking system is intended to distinguish kings from slaves, and to reward each accordingly. I worry when I see efforts afoot to change elements of that system without having first understood it: risks ruining both the joke, and the system itself.

There. That's oblique enough for one morning. (Hey, it'd been a while! :) )

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Martin Starr's To the Unknown God comes to mind.
** I can't be too specific, but for examples of such warnings preserved in public writings, cf. the Holy Books generally (e.g. CCXX, "LXV" V:19, "VII" II:37), and the discussion of the Initiator in Book of Thoth's "Hierophant" section.

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