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"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

At last, we're alone ;)

93, all!

I used to get specific verbal advice in sleep all the time, and virtually as specific symbolic advice in dreams. I remember exactly when it stopped happening, too: when I didn't like what I heard, one time. This was in the mid- to late-Nineties, and I'd gone to sleep worrying about what seemed to be developing in this country's politics: the general fecklessness of the Democrats, and a scary rise in militant superstition among the Republicans. I'd recently had a dream in which an entire end-rhymed poem or chant, set to quite elaborate music, was reaching its crescendo in the lines: "Horus isn't carrying*: / That's Wotan," when I woke up.

So anyway, on this particular day something under a decade ago I went to sleep trying consciously to get an answer to my concerns...and was half asleep when the "voiced" message came: "This is what the end of empire looks like."

I hated and rejected the message -- and, it being the Nineties and America to all appearances at the height of its power, thought it simply inaccurate. The reason I recast my LJ some weeks back on the theme of the "floating world," however, is that I'm reluctantly concluding that I was wrong, and the words were right.

I'm not (right now, anyway) gonna review the political rants I've posted here, against right, left**, and even center -- against, fundamentally, the failure of our ruling class generally to watch out for its own interests, let alone anybody else's. I'm not even gonna review my discussions of the "culture war" -- the actual world war of our time, which could well plunge the entire globe into another dark age. Thelema was, after all, designed to preserve the light against another dark age: I suspect Crowley was more than a little surprised that such an age didn't arrive in his lifetime.

No, I'm basically explaining the change of tone on my page itself, as I think I've been trying to do, some, for a little while now. Though perhaps a bit wistful, this isn't a sad tone, quite the opposite in fact: it's a tremendous relief to stop trying to talk idiots out of bringing about their own enthusiastically-earned (and richly-deserved) destruction, and just move on to protecting you and yours, and what you most care about, as best you can.*** : "I disperse the insane folk of the earth; I walk alone with my little puppets in the garden."****

So, there you have it. The riff-raff have departed. At last, we're alone!

Shall we dance?

93 93/93 -- AJ

* In the sense of pregnant.
** Oh, yeah I have. You're forgetting all my pro-military, pro-empire, we can't bring the troops home yet, we need a draft stuff; and furthermore, don't let my concerns about unreviewed detention make you think I don't understand the needs of wartime (the reason Clinton and the Congress set up special terror courts in the first place, be it noted). Some less analytical righties may think this is a lefty page, but your real lefties certainly don't.
*** This is, after all, the job of the Shining Triangle, so I may be returning to my earlier page theme after all. You have been warned! ;)
**** "Liber VII," II: 37. See also "Liber LXV," esp. V: 30-40.

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