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"Strategery" 3: Longtime success, longterm failure


One final example of how such things are done, before ending on a (well, slightly) positive note. The following comes from a David D. Kirkpatrick piece in the New York Times (per Wonkette, anyway, which I often dislike but, thanks to isomeme, have started regularly skimming):

"The week before his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. e-mailed the text of his opening statement to the White House. It included very little about his legal thinking, dwelled at length on his family and opened with a tired and rambling joke about courtroom banter between a lawyer and a judge. The response from the White House: 'Perfect, don't change a word,' according to an administration official who was granted anonymity because Judge Alito's preparation sessions were confidential.

"'Any time they are yelling, preaching, lecturing, and you are cool and calm and breathing deep, you are winning,' the administration official said the White House team told Judge Alito. 'What that means on television sets where the American people are watching this is, you look good and they look bad. It was the central operating premise.'"

What these guys are all about, in short, is perception management: that is, deliberately giving folks false impressions. As Adolf Hitler famously pointed out, most people tell little lies; they cannot imagine someone having the gall to tell a Really Huge Lie, hence are easily fooled by the latter. To take the Alito example, Democrats warned (quite properly) that Alito was a danger to the republic; the White House trained Alito to seem boring and inoffensive. Hey, presto!, even otherwise intelligent people looked at the (stage-managed) hearings and said, "My gut reaction is that he seems like no big threat."

Right. Problem is, your "gut reaction" was scripted for you in advance, dumbass. Nice work.

That said, why our title, and where's that promised (slightly) good news?

What these guys are quite satanically good at is a form of mass hypnosis: at committing crimes while pretending to be honorable, at passing off cancer as breakfast cereal...in brief, at fooling the unwary and uninformed. What they are perfectly terrible at is actually governing*, and sooner or later, that comes clear. Bottom line: no matter how brilliantly you sell people on the notion that a turd is actually a chocolate truffle, sooner or later they'll have taken enough bites to grow some skepticism.

Of course, there's still a downside. As I've tried to note here, these guys are really good at this; and despite Honest Abe's fine advice, even if they're only fooling, say, one in three at the moment, they may well keep enough of the people fooled enough of the time...that when the spell finally breaks, it'll be entirely too late to do anything about it.

So, y'know. Cross your digits. ;)

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Unless of course it's their intention to destroy American power (as distinct from, say, American freedoms; that part we know they're out to destroy). Not impossible, but I don't really know; maybe they really are this stupid.

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