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Ten Things Meme...


...only because I was tagged by davmhl: List 10 Things That Give You a Moment of Joy. (I won't tag anybody else, but would be happy to see anyone else's responses, of course. :) ) In no particular order, then...

1. The Wife & "Kids" (natch): That is, the magnificent senryu and our three crats, Brak, Shinju and Fremblio. Obvious and trite, but since nearly all of my non-work joy comes from them, had to head the list.

2. Basic Human Decency: I was going to list "friends" next, but sometimes you see more basic human decency out of strangers, online buddies...even people you've had words with, than from those who might ordinarily be called "friends." In particular, I feel an almost painful gratitude toward those who treat me with respect, just because they're made that way. Beats the hell out of "friends" (including those theoretically bound by fraternal ties) who can't manage the apparently tricky feat of ordinary manners, let alone affability.

3. Classy People: This kinda relates back to the last item, but it's worth highlighting: I just adore people who go above and beyond the call of manners, to exhibit real graciousness, style, generosity of spirit. You know who you are (many of you reading this right now; I have the best Friends list on LJ, and more are always welcome). God(s) bless you, every one. :D

4. Talented Women: I know -- talented men are cool, too, but I was raised in an era when women were largely expected to do without talents, or hide them. Anyway, I weep (literally) at women expressing talent: artistic, professional, even just doing their damn jobs well. It's an accident of my birth, I know, but it's a great source of joy. I might list endless examples (singers, artists, and dancers leap to mind), but here's a fave: the first time I saw a female plainclothes U.S. Marshal in a crisis situation draw her weapon, reassure us, and walk calmly toward the danger. I'm getting weepy just typing this, goddamn it. Next item.

5. The Colbert Report: Comedy Central, 11:30pm or check your local listings, Monday through Thursday. Hilarious satire, unlike anything else you've ever seen, and an enormous relief each and every day.

6. The Natural World: The moon. The stars. The sea. Santa Ana winds, blowing alternately warm-cool across you, tossing your hair. Amen, and amen without lie.

7. The Writings of Aleister Crowley: Like you didn't know.

8. Reading For Pleasure: The arts generally (particularly movies), but especially reading. All sorts. Okay, music, too, bigtime. Also all sorts. What a cool animule we humangz are. :) While I'm at it, ordering stuff from Amazon, and from Tales of Wonder; I should buy stock in each. Oh, yeah, and our weekly comics haul from Hi De Ho in Santa Monica. (Not so much teevee for pleasure these days, though we love Shaun Cassidy's "Invasion," ABC Wednesday nights.)

9. Research: Particularly for my books -- some of which is itself reading, but also digging up old movies, shows, TV stuff about the past, you name it. The smell and feel of libraries, perhaps my most sacred temples. The power of reading something a thousand years old and being there, feeling another time and place: how different from, and how much the same as, what we know. And finally....

10. My Work: Which makes me the luckiest SOB on the planet, and don't think I don't know it each and every day. Oh, I hate doing it, often, but that's the price of the game; if it's gonna be any good, you have to work at it, and that ranges from difficult to I-hate-my-life-impossible. But I love love love it anyway -- and in the lonely life of the writer, that's pretty much where most of my non-family joy comes from.

Good. We got to #10 before I reached pleasures of spirit and flesh too intimate to discuss here. But praise be to everyone who shares in same. :*

93 93/93 -- AJ

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