"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

Takin tha plunge


My understanding of AC's intentions for the Minerval degree remains the same...and I don't know whether anybody at the local body even likes me, and besides that, I realize I have been nursing serious and valid grudges.

So what? Somebody has to do this stuff.

I will now endeavor to be as insufferable as possible toward everyone who -- unlike my thoroughly superior and admirable self -- is not local dues current (well, as soon as the downloaded form and check get there, anyway).

Nyah! NYAH-nyah!

93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. Thank you to all you rotten do-gooders whose refusal to push me, personally, at all was what finally talked me into doing this. (I'm looking particularly at you, christeos_pir...but you other bastards know who you are. :D )

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