"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

iconic dream


Apparently I am the only person in these parts who ever watches [adult swim]'s Jack Kirby in the Sixties-style parody Minoriteam (yeah, while waiting for Moral Orel, what of it?)...and certainly I'm the only person on LJ who doesn't know how to draw icons out of thin air and post them, with fully animated titles, to his journal.


Anyway, I saw something so funny on the admittedly hit-and-miss Minoriteam that I have to share it here. The vile Eye-In-The-Triangle Secret Mastah "White Shadow" (thass him in the icon I could make) is instructing his bizarre crew in their latest evildoing (some skulduggery at the Olympics), and they start to back-talk him about how wrong his Holy Book has been in its past predictions, so, y'know, why believe it this time? And he begins to defend himself, then breaks off to say something like:

"What the hell's wrong with you guys? Did I lose the badge that says I'm the one in charge? -- Oh, no, here it is..." -- said "badge" being, as it turns out, his two upraised middle fingers.

An Eye in a Triangle? Inside a triangular frame? Raising his two middle fingers? I strongly believe that if that icon showed up on LJ, with lead-up captions saying, My Magus certificate?... Oh, yes, HERE it is!, followed by said Eye Inna Triangle wif upraised double-finger...!

Well, it'd be all over Thelemites' journals in about a week, tops, I betcha betcha.

And if isomeme ever used it*, people's heads would explode.

Okay...I can dream. *Snif*

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Ironically, his brother also watches Minoriteam, and is really good with icons. Yes, I'm giving him ideas! That's been part of my job since 1992 EV! But if he gets it made, I'm ganking the suckah.

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