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Middle East Primer: a postscript


Reposted from a reply I left on a friend's page.

Hezbollah is just dizzyingly bad. That's why I'm so personally horrified that the current offensive is turning them into heroes, on the (typically human, typically insane) premise that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," as well as the human tendency to turn actual humans into symbols of something they're not.

Two-thirds of Lebanon was either ambivalent about, or openly hostile to, Hezbollah...until about a week ago. Now they're waving their goddam flags not only all over Lebanon, but much of the world (including many thousands in Iraq, of course...nice job, there).

The point of my endless four-part series on the Middle East -- which I started by noting how much I loathe the Iranian mullahs, and their catspaws Hezbollah -- was to suggest that sometimes you have to choose between the momentary satisfaction of trying (unsuccessfully) to exterminate an enemy, and actual success in performing your Will.

Personally, I guess I've said my piece on my own page. Rice's proposal will only guarantee that there's no good exit strategy for Israel, and I see no sign of an Israeli government that recognizes the danger. At this point I'm relying more on Magick than words, and hoping for the best. :(

93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. This doesn't, btw, have to mean any negotiation with Hezbollah itself; the U.N. avenue wasn't a bad idea at all, had it been used right. The key was to get the (pro-U.S., now that we drove out Syria) Lebanese government itself on board...and that's just what we didn't do. We're asking them to accept occupation beyond anything it's guaranteed Israel could take by force, as well as (so yesterday's AP story suggested) access to the Litani; good for Israel's water needs, heaven knows, as Dayan suggested many years ago; but impossible for any Lebanese government to accept. Pray that the "resolution" was an opening gambit, a first rather than a final offer. :/

On why Hezbollah is a modern guerrilla army, nothing like what we're used to facing in Iraq (let alone the Palestinian territories), go here:


Retired U.S. military guy's blog. I just ran across it today myself.

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