"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

The O.T.O. 'n' me :D

[written as a reply to thiebes on oto_community, then posted here instead, because even I have limits. :0 ]

93, Bro!

Awww, I never know whether the stuff I post is prompting laughter or cussing. Heck, for all I know I should be reading your reply as "Great intro, buttmunch. What's your problem, anyway?" :/

If there'd been room, there are three things I would have added:

1. My support for OTO is complete and unfeigned -- thanks both to (a) my genuinely deep affection for the poor guys & gals stuck running the thing (many of whom I have been privileged to meet, know, and/or interact with over the years, not least while serving as self-appointed defender of the Order in AOL's Ceremonial Magick area in the late '90s), and to (b) my loyalty to that radiant abstraction, "Crowley's OTO" -- including an intense and heartfelt conviction that AC designed OTO with built-in safeguards which virtually guarantee it will perform the mission he gave it, even were such swell folks not in charge. (I'm also here, as I put it the night of my Minerval, "to put the Crowley back in Crowleyanity." ;) )

2. That said, I'm really more a one-on-one than a group sort*, and have spent a lot of time over the years trying to help people find and perform their Will on an individual basis -- an effort which I don't mix with OTO gatherings. Beyond that, I'm the only explicitly Thelemic novelist on earth (that I know of, anyway); have been writing fulltime since 1985 EV, and traded mainstream publication for Thelemic self-publishing in 1994 so I could say exactly what I want to. These are both necessarily solitary activities, and eat an enormous amount of time, from a life well into middle age.

3. All of which, I hope, helps explain why I'm a permanent Minerval, who doesn't much attend gatherings. To my mind, this allows me to provide support (local dues included, now, thanks to you guys), and to visibly symbolize what I consider an alliance, while nevertheless walking my own solitary path -- and, btw, refusing to use OTO assets to forward my personal work.

So, y'know, swell: two overlong introduction for the price of one. Thank you for your kind words! -- and now it's back to trying to force my mouth (okay, fingers) shut again. :X

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Though I was a constant fixture at local OTO gatherings between 1992-94.
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