"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

Six months smoke-free


Thanks to the examples of the accursed thiebes and z111 -- oh, and the disgustingly inspiring entropy156! -- I had my final ceegar the morning of March 28: six months ago today. No big reason beyond silent solidarity with them...plus the Thelemic thing of not liking to be an addict. (And then there were the whiny-bitch* neighbors, making their cute little coughing noises in the hall...grrrrrrrr)

Understand, Entropy can still kick my ass**, but at least now I won't be wheezing at the time. ;)

Fortunately, 100%-tobacco cigars are apparently a lot easier to give up -- even after a massive daily habit for like eighteen years -- than cigarettes; I decided not to smoke anymore, I stopped cold turkey, that was it.

Worse yet, I've also been doing a twenty-minute run in place daily for thirteen months now. I swear, I don't know what's got into me. Thank God I'm still a sex maniac!, or I couldn't stand myself at ALL. :0

93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. I loathe self-congratulatory nonsmokers, and have not become one. I'm not preaching, do your Will...and OTOH for heaven's sake please spare me the "So you've finally come to your senses" stuff. Pbbbbbbbbbbbttt :)

* EDIT: Gender-neutral term, btw. They whine, they bitch, they're whiny-bitch neighbors...more often than not male, as it happens. Hope my complainant feels better now, and sorry for any offense given. :/
** So can senryu, of course; even without what Worf would call her "wheapons."

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