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"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

"for they say: Come and see"

[In the course of an unrelated discussion, the question arose of a necessary antagonism between Thelema and Christianity (from the Thelemite's side). I don't believe that, have Christian friends, don't proselytize, etc.; and besides, I felt this raised a deeper issue about what "spiritual attainment" means, in whatever system (for those of us who believe in sich a animule). :) ]


Seems to me, speaking as one of the most fanatical fundie Thelemites on your list (and, okay, on planet earth), that there's a difference between fundie Thelema and a sort of narrow, my-way-is-the-only-way -- I almost wanna say "P.C." Thelema. A fundie Thelemite would prolly recall citations like,

"Liber Porta Lucis" (particularly verse 19)
"Liber Tzaddi" (esp. v. 33-44)
and (though these I won't discuss) the whole of CCXX -- e.g., not omitting I:2-3, 50, 56; II:58, etc., etc.

It's not that the Thelemite is wrong who says that Thelema is a religion, or isn't a religion, or is the only true religion, or supplants all religion, or sees the divine in all systems, or sees the error in all systems, or is here to save the world, or is here to save people from insane delusions about saving the world, or 325 other formulations we're used to hearing. It's just that in each case, the way the Thelemic elephant looks depends on which blind man you happen to be.

Until, that is, you aren't blind at all any more...at which point you can see how correct all the foregoing conclusions happen to be: each in its own place, at its own time. "Liber Ararita" makes this explicit (V:3; see V:0-5):

For he abode in his place, and his falsehood was truth in his place.

That's as fundie Thelema as you get. Amen, and Amen without Lie.

I have helped a number of nominal Christians actually meet the God they were seeking. That sort of thing is less likely to happen, IMO, while we're still in that place where Thelema is the single path we personally walk at a given moment, rather than an attempt to comprehend* all paths.

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Precisely-chosen word alert. ;)
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