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Halloween, Part V, Conclusion: The Unexpected House


On March 19, 1977 EV, I stepped firmly onto The Path, and have never looked back. The relief was absolutely overwhelming, the decision quite literally saving my life. I can't believe that next March will be the thirtieth anniversary of that decision -- but nostalgic old phart or no, I won't bore you with the details, doubtless not so very different from your own choice. I'll just say it was a Christian path at first, involved a group at first, and has undergone some Really Major Changes over the years...while still remaining the same, essential Path.

That's another of the Big Secrets: as mentioned here before, I strongly believe that despite the staggering differences in our understandings and practices, all those striving on the Path are approaching a single, central reality.

Heck, I think everybody is, rightly considered. :)

Perhaps you know something of the ceremonialists' Golden Dawn-derived attributions, such that "Magus, beth, house" means something to you. Fact is, you're the Magus of your own "house," your own cosmos. Don't believe in Magick? Fair enough! But begging your pardon, IMO (and I won't labor the point), whatever you consciously believe, you are inescapably already a magician.

Magick is the very substance of the universe. We are all magicians -- even, maybe especially, those who don't think we are. We engage in one constant ritual, through our whole lives: invoke, banish, invoke, banish. The only question is what we choose to invoke, what to banish. Longtime readers know my advice: invoke the qualities you'd like to see; banish the ones you wish would go away.*

IMO, the single biggest roadblock to your practicing Magick consciously, rather than unconsciously (and unintentionally, hence with choppy results) is your own conviction: that it can't, or shouldn't, be done, or done by you, or whatever. Such a conviction doesn't, and can't, stop Magick operating in your life. Such a conviction externalizes itself automatically; is, itself, Magick operating in your life.

Given, then, that you're constantly "casting spells"...would you prefer they be blessings, or curses?

Just a thought.

And, hey, say it's all nonsense. Certainly it won't hurt you any to try to manifest more of the qualities you'd like to see in your world, and less of the ones you wish would go away. No harm done, right?

If you find yourself on The Path as I did, you'll be drawn to specific techniques proper to your own work. Lots of people have written about these techniques, not least on the web. I may even share some here, from time to time. Please feel free to do the same! :) And if, OTOH, you find the whole notion of The Path just ludicrous -- hey, you won't hear any blame from me. I once felt the same myself.

Just put my nonsense down to Halloween, and scroll right on past.

So there, at long last, is my promised "How did you get into Magick, anyway?" post, and senryu will be home any minute, wanting me to get ready to Trick 'r' Treat. So I thank those few of you who bothered with this for your patient indulgence -- and wish all of you, tonight and always, the HAPPIEST of HALLOWEENS!!! :D

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Longtime readers have also seen the first exercise I learned in how to do this. It's in the extensive "memories" section linked on my Profile page, saved right here: http://ajrose93.livejournal.com/31214.html
Though I mostly write fiction, I've also done a nonfiction Student Handbook on these topics. Sooner or later I'll have to actually plug my own (self-published) work here. ;)

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