"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)


persephone and her mom at a cafe in the mojave

the rain really coming down and she says no, mom, it's not so bad
as it happens I like the taste of pomegranates
and the dead are vague but friendly and it's only a few months of the year anyway

besides (she adds, reluctant) hades keeps sending me poems
scrawled gray on gray, you have to hold them up to the fog
to read them

                      and demeter for her part is censorious, disapproving,
all those practical corngoddess things, you know how it is:
but you're my daughter and I miss you and anyway deus
just should've been fairer about this, hades is all right, but no companion for a girl

and you want to say I'm not a girl any more, mother, I'm really not
but of course you don't. and it's really coming down outside, like it does:
cafe window drenched, rivulets crawling the glass in streams

you can smell the rain and the glass. it smells metallic.

and you can just make out the filigree of letters, then: even without fog:
the delicate tracery of rain that says you are missed and loved down here
it begins like this: the rain really coming down and she says no, mom,

it's not so bad

-- AJ for Kore / 5 Scorpio XCVI (27 October 2000 ev)
© 2000 The Consciousness Institute, all rights reserved

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