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The Unexpected House

you are most welcome here

"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)
Mission Statement: "A man who has nothing in particular to recommend him discusses all sorts of subjects at random as though he knew everything." (Ganked from Sei Shonagon's list of "Hateful Things," in her Pillow Book, circa 1000 EV; Ivan Morris translation.)

"A.J. Rose" is the pen name of a Thelemic writer, artist and erstwhile chat host (Ceremonial Magick Chat, Thelema Discussion Group); the "J" part is real (it stands for "Jonathan"), though he answers to "AJ" often as not. Born in Hollywood, California, and but for a few childhood years in Missouri and Kansas a lifelong "Angeleno," maaaany years ago he co-edited the official Marvel Comics fanzine (Marvelmania Monthly Magazine); he's been a paralegal, spiritual counselor, and since 1985 has been writing fulltime (details at The Consciousness Institute webpage: http://hometown.aol.com/ajrose93/myhomepage/business.html )...and being over 50, he's a lot older than most of you, he guesses. ;) He lives on the west side of L.A. with three cats and a goddess who proved foolish enough to marry him, the latter of whom posts here as senryu. :*

"FRIENDS" POLICY: I am pretty much always delighted to have somebody add my page to their Friends list, which on LJ is basically a way of subscribing to a page to make it readily available. However, given my age (50+), gender (male), and religion (Thelema) I only rarely move first to "Friend" others -- no matter how much I'd like to have their page available -- for the simple reason that I worry about creeping them out: "Why is this weird old guy Friending me?!" Finally, I nearly always add back anyone who Friends me, with only two exceptions: (1) I'm not certain you're an adult, or (2) Your posts strike me as alarming ("Chuck Manson's House O' Horrors! Pics Inside!").

Those curious about Mysticism, Magick, Thelema, or just those "93's" should check out the entries stored as "Memories" (below), a series of introductory posts on those topics among others.

A FREE SAMPLE of my writing -- the first nine chapters, no less, of my 1994 novel Occult Forces, which opens the seven-volume "Consciousness Cycle" (a.k.a. "those Grot Squad" and/or "Gregory Sharpe" novels) -- is available online in an old back-issue of my friend Phil (FutureRitual) Farber's zine "Paradigm Shift," right here: http://www.bestweb.net/~kali93/fiction.htm

And finally... Our icon is one of the versions of "L'Empire des lumieres" ("The Dominion of Light") by the Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte, this one painted circa 1952 EV. It is one of the subtlest of his series, not striking every viewer as surrealist at all; perhaps an artist is likelier to notice that each features a lighting scheme simply impossible in nature. (Cool, no?) Another (1954) version from this series figures prominently in my upcoming (in 2008, I hope) novel release, In The Nightmare Village.

Thanks for stopping by! :D